Sunday, August 12

sell present life to start second act in life ? Yes! one guy is doing it.

Shane Butcher

Would you like to sell everything off, whatever you have accumulated till now, and restart your life all again.  I really like the whole idea of restarting the life from the scratch. I always thought, if my life would have been like a computer. I would love to format it every time it gets virus infected and reboot it. But as of now, there is a guy in america who is trying to format his life in a little different manner.

Shane Butcher, an american, resident of florida is selling his business chain of video games stores focused on retro titles “ R U Game?”, a waterfront home on tampa bay, three cars, a rental condo a couple of kayaks and all other stuff for $3.5 million and with this money he wants to start the second act of his life, from the scratch.and the best part is, he is not going it because he is in dire need of money. He has also offered to  stick around for next six months as a mentor to the person who buys his business. He is doing it just for the sake of doing it, to restart his career and his life. 

This 29 year old american with wife and a nine month old daughter wants to explore the world, before settling down with his second career. 

Butcher says that normally people invest in lot of assets and die with it but he wants the returns earlier and thinks that perhaps someone else will like to buy the whole package together what he has assembled for himself. 

I am not sure, if anyone in India would like to do this kind of crazy thing. Or is it really crazy enough? 

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