Tuesday, September 27

Business Awareness 2

As per 2011 census, what is India's population?121 Crore
As per Planning Commission, what is the per capita consumption limit to be considered poor in India.Rs. 32 in Urban India and Rs. 26 in Rural India

Business Awareness

Name the Chief Executive of UBS Ag Bank who resigned in the wake of an unauthorised trading scandal that surfaced in September 2011Oswald Grubel
Who has launched "Brio" - a low price compact car in September 2011Honda

Friday, September 9

Reverse Brain Drain

Saw this advertisement in today's Mint. This talks about a job fair in US for Indian jobs.. This is called changing times.

Thursday, September 8

Are we really so busy to be aware about happenings of our environment

I was talking to my friend, who is AVP in one of the leading KPOs, and I just told him about google buying out Motorola's phone division. I was surprised that he didn't know about it. He told me that he is too busy to check on news....

I faced this problem with students of MBA students, who were so much ignorant about current happenings, but i realised that same goes with experienced professionals as well, who are so ignorant about various happenings in our environment. Hence i decided to update the news updates on my blogs...

Hope, my blog readers get the value addition through these news updates.


Kyunki har ek friend zaroori hota hai

We have seen it, hymn it, we have exchanged different texts based on this advertisement. We all, OK.. almost all have identified with this ad.. and now there is some more details about how this campaign was created.

Today, Indian advertising is getting creative again, there are so many new advertisements being launched and all are very interesting. As of now, here is the link to a news article about two campaigns, Airtel, " har ek friend zaroori hota hai" and " Hum mein hain Hero" of Hero Moto Corp.

Click here to read the complete article about these two campaigns.

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