Tuesday, April 6

Can i ask the right question?

We all are taught how to write correct answers. But has anyone ever taught us how to write correct questions. Questions are so important in life. Really???

When we use to be a kid, we asked so many questions, but then gradually all adults asked us to shut up and listen. Our curiousity to ask question died somehow. But so important it is to ask questions, right kind of questions. Because, if you do not question, you would never be able to move ahead, never be able to break the current situation, never be able to get the truth.

A lot of time, we dont even ask question to ourself, and thats why more than 90% of the population live their lives and die without any significance. Has any of us , ever asked.
  • What I want?
  • Why I want?
  • How would I achieve it?
  • Am I happy in my current situation?
  • How can I improve my situation?
  • Why I can not achieve more?
If and only if i ask such uncomfortable questions, I would be able to find answers as well. Answers may not be easy, answers may not be straight forward. But I would be able to move ahead in the journey called LIFE... with my eyes wide open and my mind open to environment and my heart filled with joy called LIFE...

In today's times of India, speaking tree discuss the same thing. To quote from the article... An interesting questioning process is ‘The Work' of Byron Katie, author of Loving What Is. Part of this approach is a process of inquiry that includes ‘The Four Questions', that pull you progressively deeper into your unquestioned assumptions and really make you look closely at your habitual reactions:
  • Is this true?
  • Can you absolutely know that it's true?
  • How do you react, what happens to you, when you believe that thought?
  • And most interestingly – who would you be without the thought?
On another level, Sam Keen suggests that what shapes our lives are not just the questions we ask, but those we refuse to ask, or never think of asking.

Hope and wish... we all ask the right questions..... here are two clippings from my favourite series dilbert.... about questions...

Monday, April 5

Those who enjoy life more likely to be happy at work

In today's newspaper i have read this article. How true it is. If a person is happy himself and enjoy life, then only he would be happy at work too. Most of us, keep our work as first priority, family as second and ourselves as last priority, though it should be reversed. Own self should be the first priority in life. If myself is not happy and content, then i would not be able to keep my family happy, and finally my work life also would not be great. If I am happy myself, and able to take care of my family, then but of course, the positivity would reflect in my work as well, and i would be more successful on my work front.

The secret to satisfaction at work lies in people’s happiness with their own lives, according to a new study.

The Wright State University study, a review of previous studies on the subject, found that people who are unhappy in life are unlikely to find satisfaction in their work.

"We used studies that assessed these factors at two time points, so that we could better understand the causal links between job satisfaction and life satisfaction,” said psychologist Nathan Bowling who led the meta-analysis. “If people are satisfied at work, does this mean they will be more satisfied and happier in life overall? Or is the causal effect the opposite way around?” Bowling and colleagues reviewed 223 studies that investigated the link between job and life satisfaction and looked at sub-dimensions of job satisfaction, which included satisfaction with the work itself, supervision, coworkers, pay and promotion.

They examined the relationship between the subjects’ happiness, or “subjective well-being,” and overall job satisfaction and found a positive link between the satisfaction in job and life.

Source : Times of India , April 05, 2010

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