Monday, May 31

Aegis plans to hire 11,000

Mumbai: Aegis Ltd, a BPO company from the Essar Group, will hire 11,000 people in the current financial year, according to its managing director and chief executive officer Aparoop Sengupta.

“We see a huge demand across geographies for BPO services. The hiring is to meet the demand,” said Sengupta.

Meanwhile, looking at the crunch of people to manage customer experience management across sectors Aegis is looking to training and recruiting people.

It has set up Institute of Customer Experience Management (ICEM) to train students specifically for the service industry (retail, banking, financial services and insurance, ITeS) focusing on the customer experience and customer lifetime value. The first batch of 400 people will start from August this year in Coimbatore.

“This might be the first of its kind initiative towards improving the entire process of customer experience. Whenever we spoke to clients, be it of our parent group company or others, they have always said it is needed. So we would now set up more such campuses across India as well as outside. We would like to set up another five ICEM campuses in the next three years,” said Subir Ghosh, president - Aegis Global Academy, the division that runs ICEM.

While Aegis has tied up with other firms for placement of all 400 students in various companies, the firm itself would absorb about 100 from every batch of ICEM.

The firm has tied up with IIM-Indore and SQC Singapore to design specific course materials for ICEM.

“I believe this is practical and fruitful strategy by firms to meet the gap between service requirement and actual execution. Going forward, I see this will be a trend being taken up by firms of other sectors, too,” said Prof Ravichandran, dean IIM - Indore.

On May 19, the firm purchased education finance service provider Sallie Mae’s customer service centre in Texas, US.

Under that deal, about 350 of Sallie Mae employees will join Aegis whose headcount stands a little over 40,000.

Monday, May 3


We in HR always encourage people to be creative. But sometimes, we ourself become so much creative that the we forget the distinction between creative and riotously hilarious . Here is one example of an applicant who tried being witty and end up being buffoon. Please find below the CV which he has sent as an attachment. Its ok if he is applying for ad agency or so, but sending such CV to an IT company is like a crime.

Also i really have to share his application letter. Its height of over confidence and informality.


I understand that you are in recruiting, if you or your clients are interested in filling an HR, L&D or any interesting vacancy then you can help me.

I have +9 years of international experience across the HR and L&D function. I have managed cross-functional L&D and HR operations and delivered complex projects with aggressive time lines and large teams. While being well versed with all functions in L&D I have an excellent understanding of effective IT enabled HR & L&D projects and New-Employee life cycle. Besides I am open for anything bigger & better immaterial of the function.

I really wanted to write this reply to him, but just didn't...

Thanks for your interest in our company. Your profile was really interesting, but unfortunately our company focus more on work rather than buzz. Wdont believe in inventions, but evolutions. We don't believe in retirement, but growing beyond work pressures.

Anyways, all the best for your search. Hope you get a job where monday mornings are not that killing.

One last minute tip... if u want to be in mainstream, behave like mainstream rather than somebody who is not only out of stream, but out of control.

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Jeevs feels as living in a cocoon and looking forward to fly high as a butterfly, in the sky of knowledge.