Thursday, May 15

HR :Employees :: 1:405

Yesterday I was on leave. I was suffering from Severe toothache. It is upper molar and doctor has told me that there is no way to save it and it should be extracted.

Gosh... my tooth will be extracted and then i have to have a false tooth. Dont know how will it be.
Though mom is not very comfortable with the whole idea of dentist. She says that dentists fix one tooth and make other 31 loose. This helps them in keeping their shop open.

But cant help it. With this kind of tootheache... i dont have any option but to visit a dentist.
Ok.. enough about my personal life. About the professional life... What to say... It was going great uptill March and then the project of Managed Services arrived where 80 candidates were to be hired. Though i hired all 80 people but unfortunately, the hiring was not very smooth.

I am really overstretching my bandwidth now. With 405 people in Delhi office as on 30th April 08...and increasing day by day. I am really unable to take care of the HR ALL ALONE..... I still remember, when i was taking care of employee engagement function at Alcatel Development India. I used to think what a pressure handing employee engagement for 400 employees. And NOW... I am taking care of everything.. Starting from recruitment, to employee engagement, to strategic decisions about location HR to salary date preparation to MIS to all xyz of HR....

I dont know what my corporate office is planning. But I am sure .... one day my corporate office will blame me about not managing the show properly in location. Though it is not going to be my fault at all... I have been raising flags since November 07, as i knew we are growing in Delhi.

Though I have been flagging the need of additional manpower resource in HR since November 07, but I got the approval only in the month of April and till date No one has been hired. I even shortlisted two people and send the resumes to corporate office. But I have been told that even for hiring a contractual employee for six months, he/she has to be interviewed by GM HR. And more so she would like to meet the person personally as the person in HR department can not be hired in a hurry.

Hurry.... Even after five months, they dont want to hire anyone in HURRY.... Why are they not thinking about me... How do i manage the show. It feels as if i am going in the wrong lane and complete traffic is hitting me on my face. and unfortunately i am not able to do anything.
Lets see how work goes...

Sunday, May 11

I want to be a child again... what I was once...

CHILD :: Changing * Hearty * Inquisitive * Love * Daring

C - Changing
A child moulds herself to change as easily as water gets into the shape of its container. For child, change begins from the time of birth itself. After being in dark womb of mother for nine months, she opens her eyes to the light and accepts the welcoming world with open hands. She cries for food, she cries for play, she cries when she is forced to walk on her own. she cries when she needed to speak to the world. But she accepts all these new changes within first few years of life.

And now, we intelligent people have created barriers to change. We say, how difiicult it is to change, when we all have embraced change so well in our childhood. We should behave as a child again, to accept all the changes in life with an open heart, open mind and open arms. Then only we can keep our pace with time, and move ahead towards a better world.

H - Hearty
Hearty means so many things, energetic, enthusiastic, Jovial.
Have you ever seen a child sitting queitely even for half an hour. She needs to be doing something or the other. She can not sit idle. She is agile, she is energetic. Have you experience, when you reach home from the office, tired and worn out, it is her enthusastic talks, which forces you to see the poositive side of the life, which you have ignored for this busy corporate life. It is she, who shows you the sapling of the plant which has started growing out of your wall. You always wanted it to weed out, but she finds it so beautiful. She finds meaning in every small happening of life.

You just see her and smile, because she reminds you of your own childhood. You always wanted to be as carefree, and jovial in life as her, but alas.. The real reason is, you never tried. Its as easy as 123 and you can feel the difference immediately. You just have to start living life every moment. Try to find out the positive side of each moment of life. Dont try to stop thinking about future or past, but try to stop worrying about the future or past happenings. If you are happy today, you will be able to make a happy tomorrow.

I - Inquisitive
A child Wants to know everything. She asks so many questions, which may be as stupid as can be. But she asks. She wants to know every new things, which she sees, or experience. Its this inquisitiveness, which help her in growing and maturing as a successful person in life. She wants to learn more and more. She has not conditioned herself, she never accepts the norms, she wants to defy them, knowingly or unknowingly.

If we also try to be as inquisitive as a child, we will enjoy our life much more. Life is a journey, and every new day of life begins as a surprise. If we try to question and learn from each new surprise and situation, our life will become much more happening and we will be growing at much faster pace.

L - Love
For a child, LOVE means complete world. For her it doesnt matter, who the other person is, if she is fond of any person, thing, situation, or place.. she loves it. She doesnt have any second thoughts about loving the things which are close to her heart. She loves from her heart and not from her mind.

Why we as grown ups, have so many hang ups about love. Why cant we love our parents, our relatives, our friends, our life unconditionally. Why we need to have a barter system for our love. Why we need to question ourselves about "whats in there for me" before loving. We need to be as free as a child and love everything which is coming our way. If we all spread love unconditionally, we surely can make the world a better place to live in.

D - Daring
It doesnt matter for a child if the vessel is hot or cold, she just has to touch it, experience it. She may cry for sometime, if it burns her hand. But it would not be a deterrant for doing it again...and again. A child can do wonders, if and only if we do not mould her mind as per the conditioning we have got from our parents, society and environment.

As grown ups,we have a defined set of dos and donts. We try living our life only as per these rules. We do not defy, either we dont want to or we are afraid of others and hence we cant. We live such a boring life under the garb of living simple and sober life, as if we are gonna live forever. We forget that this life is only a journey and not the destination. If we really want to learn, we need to be daring and experiment as much as possible. This learning will help us in growing as human beings.

...Chal Aaj Phir Jee Lein!

आज ज़िंदगी के कुछ फटे पुराने कपड़े सी लें
...चल आज फिर जी लें!

एक कोने में दुबका सा है,
तन्हाई ओढे, सहमा सा है;
चल इस डर को आज उठा कर,
गले लगा कर, आँखों में आंखें डाल कर;
साहस की धूप सेक लें.
...चल आज फिर जी लें!

आज ज़िंदगी के कुछ फटे पुराने कपड़े सी लें,
...चल आज फिर जी लें!

दुःख के डब्बे बटोर बटोर,
अब दिल अलमारी भर गई;
चल आज खुशी की नीम से,
दुःख के कीड़े को तोड़ दे;
इस साफ दिल से, आज फिर दुनिया देख लें.
...चल आज फिर जी लें!

आज ज़िंदगी के कुछ फटे पुराने कपड़े सी लें,
...चल आज फिर जी लें!

कितना पाया, कितना खोया,
कुछ हंसा, बहुत सा रोया;
जीवन की खिड़की पे बैठ बैठ,
हुई देर बहुत 'ओ' मोया;
चल नज़र उठा, अब आगे बढ़, अपने अस्तित्व को,
विस्तृत आकाश में गूँथ लें.
...चल आज फिर जी लें!

आज ज़िंदगी के कुछ फटे पुराने कपड़े सी लें,
...चल आज फिर जी लें!

लेखक : जीवस्

Friday, May 9

Dilbert - Hiring Manager

I really liked this dilbert. Though old strip but is still very relevant from HR point of view.
LOL ( Laugh Out Loud)

Sunday, May 4

BE responsible! Enjoy freedom...

Responsibility and Freedom. We all think of these two terms as totally opposite. For us, freedodm means freedom from responsibilities as well. For us, responsibilities means boundations, and hence we are not free. But the truth is different from what we think and believe.

Real freedom is achieved not by running from it but by accepting and completing ones own responsibilities.

Lets explore the relationship between freedom and responsibiliities by quoting an example,

At work, I am always running from taking any responsibility. If my boss assigns me a job, i always starts thinking how to put the same on somebody else's shoulder. What if the responsibility is given to me of a particular task, and I am not able to complete it. It will be such a shameful moment for me, and hence i just run from accepting any responsibility.

But am I FREE? NO!

I live in a constant fear of getting into responsibility. This freedom which i get by running from responsibility is like a freedom of a convict who is running from the police. Do you think a convict is free if he runs from the law. NO.. similarly we can not considedr ourselves as free by running from our responsibilities.

NOW, let me accept the responsibility for my work in the office. By being a responsible employee, I would try to complete my work without anybody reminding me. I am not depending on anyone for completing my work. I am FREE to finish off my work as quickly as possible and then do whatever I want. I manage my time accordingly so as to finish off my work. And once I complete my work with responsibility, I am sure no one would complain. My boss, will not be after my life to get the work done. I will be free from the anxiety wrapping me every morning before going to office. I will be free to live my life as I want.

And hence I will be FREE... i will attain freedom from so many things, a few I have mentioned below.

1. Freedom from Nagging Boss
2. Freedom from complaining co workers
3. Freedom from Dissatisfied customers (internal as well as External)
4. Freedom from lack of time for myself and my family.
5. Freedom from tension, as I know I have to complete my work and I will complete it in time.
6. Freedom from being dependant on others to complete my task.

"JEEV" - Jeev in hindi means a living being, and jeevs write his blog under this name, because he writes it as a living being, for other living beings, specifically for people in corporate world. Through this blog he wants to provide resources for everyone to make their work life easier.

Jeevs feels as living in a cocoon and looking forward to fly high as a butterfly, in the sky of knowledge.