Saturday, May 21

Life is here... NOW...

“For just one second, look at your life and see how perfect it is. Stop looking for the next secret door that is going to lead you to your real life. Stop waiting. This is it: there’s nothing else. It’s here, and you’d better decide to enjoy it or you’re going to be miserable wherever you go, for the rest of your life, forever.”

— David Foster Wallace

Thursday, May 19

Dont stuck with Perseverance... Also Let Go...

A very nice article in today's Times of India, speaking tree section, written by Mr. P.V.Vaidyanathan. If you want, you can write him to his mail ID,

He talks about two major qualities of any human being "perseverance" and "letting go". A lot of times, because we are so attached to the subject, that its difficult for us to let go. We do not understand the importance of letting go. Also a lot of times, we do not understand the meaning of letting go. In this article, he has tried to make us realised that perseverance and letting go are not two different sides of the coin, but they both are required to succeed in life.

This article says that we need to follow perseverance for sure, but finally we don't need to stuck to that idea, if its not working. And this happens lots of time , life is a hit and trial. Unfortunately, GPS was not discovered before life... :) Hence we need to do our best, and after that just leave it to that higher one, universal power, who is there to steer our life. Though we can push the car of our life to our best, still once it starts, our driver ( that universal power) knows where it has to go.


Perseverance and letting go are both positive qualities that we all possess. However, despite their being life-enhancing qualities, these are often complementary and even antagonistic to each other, and need to be employed in sequence, and at the right time, rather than in isolation for us to achieve success, peace and harmony.

‘Try, try till you succeed’ is something we’ve all been taught in school. Success is 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration, we’re told, to highlight the importance of hard work. And work we must, for that is the very nature of life. Karma Yoga, as outlined in the Bhagavad Gita by Krishna speaks highly of work as a form of worship. Swami Vivekananda persuaded his followers to work ceaselessly till the goal is reached.

Success is determined by a combination of factors. Hard work is only one of them. Besides hard work, we also need talent, inspiration, creativity, luck and destiny. While most of us work hard, true success and joy come only to some, while most others have to remain content with whatever they get.

This brings us to the relationship between perseverance and letting go. Perseverance is the quality of sticking to one’s job and to one’s goals, come what may. Letting go, on the other hand, is exactly the opposite. It consists of putting one’s faith and trust in a higher power, whether we call it God or destiny, waiting patiently for results. While these two qualities may seem to be opposites they are, in fact, not so; they are complementary to each other.

Every venture, dream and project needs divine grace for its successful completion. Those who decline to believe in the power of the unknown are likely to continue struggling and will have to depend solely on their own efforts. They could meet with limited success, often hitting roadblocks which seem insurmountable or which drain away tremendous amounts of time, energy and money. The human mind and the ego are such that giving credit does not come easily. This is not only true where other people are concerned, but our mind and ego often do not even want to acknowledge the Power that runs the universe, day in and day out, without exception. Not wanting to give credit to God, destiny or fate, and wanting to corner all the praise is one reason why people find it difficult to let go and trust.

Hard work and perseverance are absolutely necessary, doubtless. But somewhere along the course, after having exhausted all human possibilities, one must learn to sit back, be detached from the outcome of our efforts, and hand over our endeavours to a higher power. How and when to do this is purely an intuitive or instinctive phenomenon. When we sincerely let go, not out of laziness, complacency and lethargy but after having done our very best, it is then that the process of life shifts to another plane, with the unseen hand coming into play. And the power or destiny works in myriad ways. A chance meeting, something overheard or read in the newspapers, the stirring of a memory, a different thought process, sudden release of funds that had dried up – something is likely to happen, which would put our work and project back on track.

When success becomes palpable, it is important to remember and acknowledge and give thanks to existence, without proudly proclaiming that everything was achieved only by our own perseverance.

source: timesofindia, dated, 19th May 2011

Wednesday, May 18

Jumping Juhi is insecure from her own assistant

Have you forgotten Juhi..

How can you?

She is the one and only HR DON.. Yes, HR don, because she feels that its only her.. and her that all should look upon when need arises. Though she doesn't know much about HR, but she got promoted to this position only because of her tenure and contacts within the organisation. GOD SAVE THE ORGANISATION.. & GOD SAVE JAGAN...

Jagan - Juhi's assistant.. From some time, Juhi is feeling that Jagan is getting more prominence in the organisation. And why not, its only Jagan who empathize with employees, its him who provide employee friendly solutions. He doesn't keep things lingering. He closes all issues on time. And thats why, most of the employees feel more comfortable with him. Anyways, Jagan is only an assistant manager - HR, and Juhi is Head HR.. Still she is getting insecure. Now thats really absurd. Isn't it.

But believe me, this is reality of many organisations, where people feel insecure of their subordinates and create blockages so the subordinate doesn't grow within the organisation. Unfortunately, they forget that one can hide a rose, but can not hide fragrance of a rose.

Jumping Juhi is an imaginary character. All her similarities to people around us is coincidental. Jumping Juhi is a light hearted series to portray work related scenarios in a fiction mode. The intention is not to malign anyone's image or to make fun of anybody.

Tuesday, May 17

Log on to Facebook or Twitter... Next HR interventions would be online

Yes... its increasing. What else we would have expected. I believe every month, we get one or the other news report stating the future of recruitment in the industry. Trend of hiring through social networking is increasing.

Facebook and Twitter are going to become next naukri or monster ? Its too early to say, but not impossible.

But is the industry ready for it? I am not sure. How many corporates have their pages on Facebook? How many HR fraternity members are really active on Twitter? We should be ready for the next wave of hiring. We should understand, that it takes time to build one's credibility on social networking sites as well. You just can not create your account on day one , and expect hoards of people flocking to your account by next day. It works differently. And HR fraternity needs to understand this and be prepared for the change.

How many companies provide access to social networking sites like facebook and twitter? Very few. Because of company policies, we can not afford to miss the bus. We, HR people need to make our management understand the importance of social networking sites. Its simple marketing. If my target audience is online, then why i should not be. I as a HR person, is selling my company's brand.. and i should do it where my target market is.

Ok.. If you say that you are a HR professional who is not into recruitments, and hencec these online trends doesn't bother you. Think twice... Online employee engagement may not be a well heard term as of now, but pretty soon it would be. In today's time, we talk about work life balance. We know that if a person is not leading a happy personal life, he would not be able to contribute to professional life. We also talk about engaging not just employees but also families.

All these and other initiatives can be supported with facebook or twitter. For any HR intervention to be successful, there needs to be buy in of the employees. Fortunately facebook and twitter are tools, which already have buyin of employees.. We just need to go online, and start engaging these guys.. Share latest happenings of your company.. Share birthday wishes.. Celebrate family occassions online.. I am sure, it would not only make your employee feel proud when on his facebook wall, he has birthday wishes from his company. But it would also help company creating better brand. Its improving your EVP(employee value proposition). Its creating your employer brand.

Ok ... so here is a mean tip... for all those mean HR guys.. Its also easy to keep a tab on the happenings of employees' life outside office... (dont take it too seriously..if your employees get to know of your mean intentions... your initiatives would back fire).

You can also read the article published in Economic Times today which talks about the hiring trends through facebook and twitter.

Monday, May 9

Life Skills.. Whats It?

Skills means, ability to do something well; an expertise...

Life Skills means, ability to live well... That's what we need to learn in today's world. In today's competitive world, its not just the classroom teaching which would help us in achieving our dreams and goals. Its something extra, and that extra is provided by the life skills training.

Life skills, can be a very subjective topic. It can be pretty vague, with everyone defining it as per his or her own convenience. To avoid such ambiguity, we can refer to skills defined by UNICEF as life skills.

Relevance of life skills training is for all sections of society and for all age groups. Special emphasize is being given on life skills training of students, starting from school till the higher or professional education level.

Life Skills are also been seen as "Employability Skills". And the education sector as well as industry has realized the importance of life skills or employability skills for their employees.

I believe, in coming recent years, life skills or employability skills is one sector, which is of great importance to all of us, and thats why I am trying to contribute in this field.... lets explore life skills together... lets learn to live well...

"JEEV" - Jeev in hindi means a living being, and jeevs write his blog under this name, because he writes it as a living being, for other living beings, specifically for people in corporate world. Through this blog he wants to provide resources for everyone to make their work life easier.

Jeevs feels as living in a cocoon and looking forward to fly high as a butterfly, in the sky of knowledge.