Monday, May 9

Life Skills.. Whats It?

Skills means, ability to do something well; an expertise...

Life Skills means, ability to live well... That's what we need to learn in today's world. In today's competitive world, its not just the classroom teaching which would help us in achieving our dreams and goals. Its something extra, and that extra is provided by the life skills training.

Life skills, can be a very subjective topic. It can be pretty vague, with everyone defining it as per his or her own convenience. To avoid such ambiguity, we can refer to skills defined by UNICEF as life skills.

Relevance of life skills training is for all sections of society and for all age groups. Special emphasize is being given on life skills training of students, starting from school till the higher or professional education level.

Life Skills are also been seen as "Employability Skills". And the education sector as well as industry has realized the importance of life skills or employability skills for their employees.

I believe, in coming recent years, life skills or employability skills is one sector, which is of great importance to all of us, and thats why I am trying to contribute in this field.... lets explore life skills together... lets learn to live well...

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"JEEV" - Jeev in hindi means a living being, and jeevs write his blog under this name, because he writes it as a living being, for other living beings, specifically for people in corporate world. Through this blog he wants to provide resources for everyone to make their work life easier.

Jeevs feels as living in a cocoon and looking forward to fly high as a butterfly, in the sky of knowledge.