Tuesday, May 17

Log on to Facebook or Twitter... Next HR interventions would be online

Yes... its increasing. What else we would have expected. I believe every month, we get one or the other news report stating the future of recruitment in the industry. Trend of hiring through social networking is increasing.

Facebook and Twitter are going to become next naukri or monster ? Its too early to say, but not impossible.

But is the industry ready for it? I am not sure. How many corporates have their pages on Facebook? How many HR fraternity members are really active on Twitter? We should be ready for the next wave of hiring. We should understand, that it takes time to build one's credibility on social networking sites as well. You just can not create your account on day one , and expect hoards of people flocking to your account by next day. It works differently. And HR fraternity needs to understand this and be prepared for the change.

How many companies provide access to social networking sites like facebook and twitter? Very few. Because of company policies, we can not afford to miss the bus. We, HR people need to make our management understand the importance of social networking sites. Its simple marketing. If my target audience is online, then why i should not be. I as a HR person, is selling my company's brand.. and i should do it where my target market is.

Ok.. If you say that you are a HR professional who is not into recruitments, and hencec these online trends doesn't bother you. Think twice... Online employee engagement may not be a well heard term as of now, but pretty soon it would be. In today's time, we talk about work life balance. We know that if a person is not leading a happy personal life, he would not be able to contribute to professional life. We also talk about engaging not just employees but also families.

All these and other initiatives can be supported with facebook or twitter. For any HR intervention to be successful, there needs to be buy in of the employees. Fortunately facebook and twitter are tools, which already have buyin of employees.. We just need to go online, and start engaging these guys.. Share latest happenings of your company.. Share birthday wishes.. Celebrate family occassions online.. I am sure, it would not only make your employee feel proud when on his facebook wall, he has birthday wishes from his company. But it would also help company creating better brand. Its improving your EVP(employee value proposition). Its creating your employer brand.

Ok ... so here is a mean tip... for all those mean HR guys.. Its also easy to keep a tab on the happenings of employees' life outside office... (dont take it too seriously..if your employees get to know of your mean intentions... your initiatives would back fire).

You can also read the article published in Economic Times today which talks about the hiring trends through facebook and twitter.


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