who is JEEV

Easeworks is a Corporate Blog, written by a person who was in corporate but now who would love to watch corporate life from outside and provide his opinion and views in a non bias manner.

Easeworks is a blog for professionals, where they can read my opinions about the latest news, and read the various concepts which may make their life easy in day to day corporate life. 

I am, Jeev, a complex person based in New Delhi, India., having high ambition, but also having few more than few issues due to which my professional life didn't take me, where I wanted to be. Still I have not lost the hope. Currently I am doing, what I like most - WRITING & SHARING my own opinion with others. 

With so many ups and downs, I am still here, living life with head held high.Working on many things, but not earning enough money. 
  • full time Blog Writer
  • volunteer in social sector. 
  • life skill trainer in education industry 

Feel free to get in touch, if u need help from me, or u want to help me. @   easeworks@gmail.com

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"JEEV" - Jeev in hindi means a living being, and jeevs write his blog under this name, because he writes it as a living being, for other living beings, specifically for people in corporate world. Through this blog he wants to provide resources for everyone to make their work life easier.

Jeevs feels as living in a cocoon and looking forward to fly high as a butterfly, in the sky of knowledge.