Wednesday, November 28

Hiring.... what's your source?

My boss was discussing sourcing strategies with me for next year, and he mentioned that we need to increase our hiring through internal referrals to 40%. Isn't it ironic that the very next day, I read the article in Times Of India talking about internal referrals keeping best talent out of companies.

The article gives some impressive figures, such as 85% of recruitment happening through specialist agencies in mature markets like UK.Still in a market like India, where talent needs to be engaged with the organisation, most of the organisations feel that a mix of different sourcing avenues is a good idea for getting the best talent.

Different sources of hiring which any company can use are as follows : 

traditional sources of hiring
  1. job portals - like,
  2. placement agencies
  3. employee referrals
  4. Internal transfers
  5. campus hiring

other sources of hiring which can be explored :

  1. social media - linkedin , facebook, twitter
  2. training institutes
  3. job fairs
  4. other industries where people may use similar skills.
I am still not sure, the best percentage for various sources of hiring... but I believe that  focus should be on two things while hiring. 

1. Quality of profiles for timely closure of position
2. Cost of hiring

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