Wednesday, May 18

Jumping Juhi is insecure from her own assistant

Have you forgotten Juhi..

How can you?

She is the one and only HR DON.. Yes, HR don, because she feels that its only her.. and her that all should look upon when need arises. Though she doesn't know much about HR, but she got promoted to this position only because of her tenure and contacts within the organisation. GOD SAVE THE ORGANISATION.. & GOD SAVE JAGAN...

Jagan - Juhi's assistant.. From some time, Juhi is feeling that Jagan is getting more prominence in the organisation. And why not, its only Jagan who empathize with employees, its him who provide employee friendly solutions. He doesn't keep things lingering. He closes all issues on time. And thats why, most of the employees feel more comfortable with him. Anyways, Jagan is only an assistant manager - HR, and Juhi is Head HR.. Still she is getting insecure. Now thats really absurd. Isn't it.

But believe me, this is reality of many organisations, where people feel insecure of their subordinates and create blockages so the subordinate doesn't grow within the organisation. Unfortunately, they forget that one can hide a rose, but can not hide fragrance of a rose.

Jumping Juhi is an imaginary character. All her similarities to people around us is coincidental. Jumping Juhi is a light hearted series to portray work related scenarios in a fiction mode. The intention is not to malign anyone's image or to make fun of anybody.

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