Thursday, May 15

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Yesterday I was on leave. I was suffering from Severe toothache. It is upper molar and doctor has told me that there is no way to save it and it should be extracted.

Gosh... my tooth will be extracted and then i have to have a false tooth. Dont know how will it be.
Though mom is not very comfortable with the whole idea of dentist. She says that dentists fix one tooth and make other 31 loose. This helps them in keeping their shop open.

But cant help it. With this kind of tootheache... i dont have any option but to visit a dentist.
Ok.. enough about my personal life. About the professional life... What to say... It was going great uptill March and then the project of Managed Services arrived where 80 candidates were to be hired. Though i hired all 80 people but unfortunately, the hiring was not very smooth.

I am really overstretching my bandwidth now. With 405 people in Delhi office as on 30th April 08...and increasing day by day. I am really unable to take care of the HR ALL ALONE..... I still remember, when i was taking care of employee engagement function at Alcatel Development India. I used to think what a pressure handing employee engagement for 400 employees. And NOW... I am taking care of everything.. Starting from recruitment, to employee engagement, to strategic decisions about location HR to salary date preparation to MIS to all xyz of HR....

I dont know what my corporate office is planning. But I am sure .... one day my corporate office will blame me about not managing the show properly in location. Though it is not going to be my fault at all... I have been raising flags since November 07, as i knew we are growing in Delhi.

Though I have been flagging the need of additional manpower resource in HR since November 07, but I got the approval only in the month of April and till date No one has been hired. I even shortlisted two people and send the resumes to corporate office. But I have been told that even for hiring a contractual employee for six months, he/she has to be interviewed by GM HR. And more so she would like to meet the person personally as the person in HR department can not be hired in a hurry.

Hurry.... Even after five months, they dont want to hire anyone in HURRY.... Why are they not thinking about me... How do i manage the show. It feels as if i am going in the wrong lane and complete traffic is hitting me on my face. and unfortunately i am not able to do anything.
Lets see how work goes...

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