Friday, August 10

Why I would love to die working at Google?

This is really unheard of in any corporate. Is it going to affect and change the benefit policies of other companies? I am not sure. In today’s time when Indian corporates are actually trying to save cost and reduce benefits, which may be as basic as covering parents under medical insurance, its really pleasing to see how Google is being generous and showing the caring attitude towards its staff. I am sure, if not all at least few of the top rung companies would like to have similar benefits to show they really care for thier employees.

Google is going to introduce generous death benefits for its employees here in India. For US employees of the company, these benefits are effective since last one year.

  1. The family of deceased “googler” will get half of his salary for next ten years.
  2. Any stock options will vest immediately, means the bereaved family can sell or transfer the stock as per their own choice.
  3. $1000 per month will be paid to each and every child of the deceased staff uptill the child completes 19 yrs of age ( or 23 yrs, if he is pursuing full time education)
  4. All staff is eligible under this policy, irrespective of their joining date or designation.

Now I would definitely love to die being a googler. 

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