Monday, September 28

Jumping Juhi – Long weekend wasted by working on Saturday

Its Dussehra Today. In India, it is one of the big festivals, celebrated all across India and because of this we had three days weekend. But Jumping Juhi again.. Unfortunately I worked even on Saturday and enjoyed only two days as weekend. I don’t know why but she always like working on weekends. She not only work herself but also make all of us work.

I do not mind working on a Saturday, if it is really required. My job is not a very high pressure one, though sometimes there is work pressure. But why I have to waste my long weekend by working on a Saturday for someone else. When questioned about our working saturday, she justified that we will get two holidays anyways, so we can work on Saturday and this justification was really irritating.

The topping on the cake was, even after calling all of us she did nothing much. We were sitting there her personal assistants and she was wasting time, talking to people here and there. The actual productivity for the whole day was just two hours.

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