Thursday, September 24

Jumping Juhi - Idea show off @ last minute

Since last one month Jumping juhi knew about this occassion, when the old guy in our organisation was about to retire. I asked so many times for the approval for the expenses so accordingly we can plan for the celebration. But always she ignores, showing her business.

And today in front of complete business group, Juhi jumped, showing as if she is the only person who cares about the employees. She ordered me to arrange for the celebration, as if she has just got the brilliant idea and all other are fools who never thought of this.

Today is wednesday and the celebration is scheduled for friday. Now i only have one day left for all preparation.

Why cant she give me enough time to plan and perform....

Jumping Juhi is an imaginary character. All her similarities to people around us is coincidental. Jumping Juhi is a light hearted series to portray work related scenarios in a fiction mode. The intention is not to malign anyone's image or to make fun of anybody.

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