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Every HR professional, has faced the situation of releasing people, speacially in recent past when we all were hit badly with recession. But is it really a release? Why we call it release? The meaning of release is to free from confinement, bondage, obligation, pain, etc.; let go ( Ref: Release is from prison not from the organization. I personally feel that the better term is to call it as “Business Initiated Exit” BIE

Points to ponder while discussing with an employee “Business Initiated Exit” BIE

Make the other person realize that it is not a happy decision for the company or for you as well. Make her understand that it is a business reason and nothing could be done about it. Also this can happen to anybody tomorrow including you.

Be Compassionate
Speak to her in a tone which shows that you are really feeling sorry and compassionate for the employee. She should not feel that you are being rude or stern. She is being asked to leave, which is a sad moment for her and in such a moment she requires your compassion more than the logic. The worst is if you just sit their without uttering any word, just like an ice slab.

Give Enough Time
You should spare enough time to sit with the employee for this discussion. The employee should not feel that you are just doing this as one of your regular tasks. She should not feel that she is not worthy even of your time. This would hurt her more while she is anyways broken by this decision of the company.

Be clear about the offer you are making
Be very clear about the offer you are making to the employee for his exit. This is not a bargain table. The company has already made a decision to discuss the exit with the employee and company should be ready with the offer for the employee. This offer may include the time until which the employee would be in the organization, the amount given to the employee, the exit process etc.

Discuss timelines
Discuss various timelines clearly with the employee,
a) By when will the employee tender her resignation?
b) By when will the company provide the full and final and all other dues discussed.
c) By when will the employee receive her experience letter

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