Wednesday, February 10

More of jumping juhi

Hey All,

Its long since i have written here anything. Life is too hectic workwise. I would write about that later, but lets see whats jumping juhi doing now a days. To tell you all, she is still the same ignorant HR person, who tries to be know all but then where would she hide her ignorance. So here are few of the things which she has done in last few months.

1. Called for a meeting with all business heads, and then chickened out at the last moment not even informing them that she is sending Jagan (Her subordinate) as her replacement.

2. Not able to decide and freeze various basic HR processes such as, recruitment process, onboarding and exit process.

3. Putting her own foot in her mouth at all important meetings, where business has started talking openly about her approach of all words and no deed .

But dont worry, despite all the above things, jumping juhi is still flourishing in her job and would keep on entertaining all of you with her activities.

Jumping Juhi is an imaginary character. All her similarities to people around us is coincidental. Jumping Juhi is a light hearted series to portray work related scenarios in a fiction mode. The intention is not to malign anyone's image or to make fun of anybody.

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