Wednesday, February 10

Burn The Boat

A country "A" was in the war with another country, "B". Country "A" was a small nation, but it attacked country "B". Country "B" was fighting on its own ground, they had more resources, latest technology, more number of trained fighters, and all which was required to win the war. Country "A" was a small nation, but still they want to overrule country "B". It was less equiped, low on resource, but the only thing which country "A" had was tough people.

The leaders of country "A" thought about various strategies which can give them advantage in this fight of unequals. Finally they come up with an idea, and this gave their army a boost which helped them won the battle.

The strategy followed by the leaders of country "A" was simple. Whenever their soldiers land in country "B", they destroy their boats. So there was no way back. The only way was to move forward and win the battle. This gave their warriors emotional toughness. The warriors of country "A" were aware that there is no way out of the situation. The only way possible is to attack and win. This thought gave them strength and made them win the battle.

In life also, there are lot of times, when we prefer retracking. Going back is easiest, but the winners are who move ahead, take the challenge and fight. Sometimes, its better not to have any other option. If we know that we have this particular option only, we would be able to concentrate more on that, would give our 100% to that situation and eventually be a winner.

This nice story was shared by my mentor and I am following this to be successful in life, and believe me it helps sometimes, if you dont check on any other options and just work on the task in hand.

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