Thursday, July 12

Employee Engagement - Why is it stagnant?

As per a report in Economic Times a global study conducted by Hay groups revealed that employee engagement levels are stagnating. Employees are not willing to go to the extra mile for their organisations.

Below are few pointers, which I personally think are contributing to low levels of commitment.

  • Employees are not emotionally bonded with organisations
  • Organisations are not aligning personal goals of employees with organisational goals.
  • No career paths defined for employees.No long term plans for employees from organisation side, which gives an impression to employees that they are in the organisation only for short term period.
  • Employees see how organisations treat their peers, and create the impression about the trustworthiness of organisation.
  • Organisations taking advantage of employees, whenever they have to. But not compensating enough for the skills of employees. 
  • HR heads of the organisations, want  HR managers and executives to take care of other employees. But they do not take care of the employees in HR department, which leads to low morale in the HR department itself. 
  • Organisations are still not process oriented but their functioning is people depandant.

The above mentioned views are my personal views. And I am keen to discuss it with other HR professionals. 

The complete article in economic times can be read here.

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