Monday, February 7

Know Yourself - Workshop

“Know Yourself” workshop was conducted at Rai Business School by Jeevan Deep Sehgal. The workshop was attended by more than 75 MBA students. The workshop started by asking all participants to sing a song from movie Rangeela, which helped not only in involving all participants but also helped in creating the impression that the concept like self awareness is not something very difficult or alien to day to day life. Importance of self awareness has been discussed so many times, at various occasions, even in the movie songs.

“ME THE STAR”, activity encouraged participants to think about their strengths and the reasons why they feel it as strengths. It also asked participants to reflect on various positive situations of their life and the various achievements. This helped all participants in affirming their individual positive image. Importance of Self esteem and positive thinking was also discussed in the workshop.

Various ways to build self awareness was discussed. “Challenge Rancho” was another activity to help participants in goal formation. Various statements and questions helped participants in understanding the present life state and where they would like to see themselves in ten years.

Different types of personality were discussed to provide better clarity on differences in various individuals. The session end with question answer round where students clarified their doubts.

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