Tuesday, November 2

Face It To Change It

Sometimes small incidents in life leaves you with big learnings. Such an incident happened today morning.

I am sure, you all have seen one for sorrow, many times... Whenever i see one, i try to avoid looking at its direction, as if even the sight of the bird would bring some bad luck. Can not help my superstition. But today morning, when i saw one for sorrow, i turned back and to look at it again...

And you believe me, i saw one more bird, which was behind the first one, and hence my one for sorrow turned into two for joy. If i would not have turned back to have a relook at one for sorrow, and thought of avoiding it, i would miss the chance to see two for joy.

It immediately strikes me, how we try to avoid sufferings, and bad luck in life. But if we are strong enough, and we face the problem headon, then we have the power to change any adversity of liife in a positive experience.

Its only when we are scared to face the situation, the situation haunts us. Hence we should never let the situation rule us. But lets Face it and change it..

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Anubhav said...

Yes, i so agree! face it and change it...! and become the lord of your destiny...in fact we are walking talking gods!

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